At Attorney Internet Marketing, we become a customer service and marketing partner in your business. We help you more effectively manage the online reputation of your business by reaching out to your happy customers and helping them to articulate why your business is so great. Our innovative service helps facilitate the online review process for your customers, making it easy for them so they are more likely to follow through and actually post the positive online reviews you need to grow your business.

Unlike other review “funnel” software that simply email your customers a link to post a review (a link that the customer rarely, if ever, even clicks on), the team at Attorney Internet Marketing makes direct contact with your most satisfied customers and actually facilitates the review for the customer. Our courteous and professional representatives contact your customers directly and walk them through the process step by step, making it easy and fun for the customer. We do 90% of the work for your customers, to ensure that they follow through and post the positive reviews that will help create the stellar online reputation your business needs.

The team at Attorney Internet Marketing provides much more than just review facilitation. We help to engage your customers in meaningful ways, which helps to foster trust in your company and helps to create loyal customers. Today’s consumers don’t just want to conduct a transaction with a company. They want to be engaged by the company or the product, to have an experience with a company, to feel connected to the company. And even more importantly, today’s customers want to share about their experiences with others! What better way to engage your customers than to have them contacted directly by friendly, courteous professionals who encourage them to tell their personal story and share about their positive interactions with your company!

Do your customers leave happy, but then never take the time to write and post a positive review? Let us help! By contacting them directly and helping to facilitate their review in just a matter of minutes, our team can convert those happy customers into loyal customers who share their positive experiences online.

Do you have customers who are clueless when it comes to technology? No problem! We make the whole process so simple and easy, and walk them through step by step.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact the team at Attorney Internet Marketing today and let us help you get the consumer reviews you need to take your business to the next level. Call us today at 1-866-720-8333 to learn more.