Ray Gross

Since his early 20’s, Ray Gross has been an entrepreneur – driven, dedicated, and focused. As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, Ray understands the importance of solid marketing and sales programs. But, more importantly, he understands the importance of driving sales through inbound and outbound marketing programs. After many years cultivating his knowledge of marketing. Ray realized some of his friends in the legal field did not fully understand the marketing needs of their businesses and wanted to help them build successful businesses by implementing strategic marketing strategies. His desire to help eventually led him to found Attorney Internet Marketing in March of 2011. Attorney Internet Marketing, which provides lawyers a number of marketing services, has helped many attorneys increase their client base and ultimately, their revenues.

At Attorney Internet Marketing, Ray has been fortunate to work with many attorneys. Ray is confident that if his clients follow his direction and listen to his advice, their businesses will thrive (and many have doubled their revenue since hiring him). He is always reminding his clients that online visibility and lead generation are just the beginning of the sales process; the most important step is what you do with those leads after you get them. Attorney Internet Marketing offers services to not only get you high quality leads, but also offers services to help you cultivate them properly into clients. Ray understands the goals of legal firms and can come up with an unbeatable game plan to increase your client base and ultimately, your revenue.

In his spare time, Ray likes to hang out with his cat Yuri, go to the gym, watch documentaries, study great minds, and sports. Rays favorite quote by Gandhi, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win,” is applied to every aspect of his life and motivates him to fight for his causes and his clients.