High Quality Leads Guaranteed

Are you tired of spending thousand of dollars each month on search engine optimization (SEO) companies? Have you had bad experiences with law directories or lead programs that have not delivered on their promises? The experienced team at Attorney Internet Marketing, LLC. understands your frustrations and can help your law firm convert more leads into clients, and ultimately, generate more income for your law practice. We pride ourselves on offering effective marketing solutions tailored to your firm’s unique brand, goals, and budget.

We have the resources and the knowledge to get our websites at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and surprisingly, won’t charge you a dime until we get you high quality leads. Shocked? Unlike many lead programs or law directories, we won’t charge you any fees until we generate suitable, high quality leads.

At Attorney Internet Marketing, we offer clients a wide range of marketing services, including:

Web Design

In today’s competitive marketplace, simply having a website is not enough. Your online presence provides that all-important first impression and can make or break your chances of converting a visitor into a client. Let us create a custom website that will convey your professionalism, success, and brand.

Legal Content Writing

Content is king in the word of internet marketing. Your website content is what captures the attention of visitors and conveys your story. Your website content is also what helps your site rank on search engines. Our skilled team can craft user-friendly content rich with keywords so your site can get the rankings it needs to generate clients.

Video Production

High quality videos give you the ability to reach potential clients in a unique and personal way. Imagine if you “greeted” each person who visits your site? It would be much easier to convey important information and ultimately, convert visitors into clients. From creating a video concept to optimizing videos for other social media platforms, we have the resources needed to produce high quality, engaging videos for your law firm.

Website Leases

If you’re tired of dolling out thousands of dollars each month for SEO or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, we offer clients a better alternative – website leases. When you lease a website from us you are not only getting a professionally designed and optimized site, you are guaranteed results! We are so confident in the quality of leads we will generate for you; we’ll give you the first week of your lease for free!

Joint Marketing Programs

In addition to website leases, we also offer joint marketing programs for attorneys in all legal fields. Our joint marketing programs are designed so you can purchase leads from us in a specific geographical area and area of law. You choose what works best for your budget – you can be the only lawyer we sell leads to in your area of law and region or you can be one of three attorneys we sell leads to.

Lead Conversion Training

An important part of growing your practice is the ability to covert leads into clients. We can train your staff on the most effective techniques for converting leads into clients. We’ve helped law firms significantly increase their lead conversion percentage in a very short amount of time. Our friendly team can also train your staff on how to identify other potential legal issues your clients’ may have. If you do not practice the area of law your client needs help with, you can refer your client to another attorney and possibly, earn a percentage of their fees. Helping you generate income from what is currently in your system is something very few attorney’s take the time to do, and it is a huge mistake.

Call Care

Have you ever lost a client because your firm had a lapse in communication? If you’re staff is too busy to handle incoming calls, our knowledgeable team can help. We will handle all incoming calls, qualify the leads, and put them in touch with your staff (in real time) to ensure an appointment is made for a potential new client. Please remember, any lapse in communication could result in a potential client contacting another law firm. We can prevent that from happening!

What sets us apart?

We will not ask you for a dime until we deliver you high quality leads. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to generate suitable leads; we will give you the first 5 leads at no charge. If you decide to purchase a website lease, we will give you the first week for free.
We won’t make you sign a long-term contract. If you are not completely satisfied with our services or leads, you can cancel your contract at anytime by emailing us 30 days prior to your desired cancellation date.
We limit the amount of law firms we work with. We don’t work with more than 3 attorneys in one geographic area or practice area to ensure our clients are generating new business. If you’d like to have exclusive privileges to leads in one area of practice, we can accommodate you as well.
We are transparent. Since you’ll know exactly what leads are coming from your website lease, you’ll be able to track your conversion and determine how well the lease is working for you.
We won’t make you purchase a package. All of our services are “a la carte,” meaning you won’t pay for a service unless you need it. Give us a call right now and we’ll put together a customized quote for you based on your needs.

You Have Everything to Gain

The skilled and experienced team at Attorney Internet Marketing can assist you with website design, content, video production, staff training and most importantly, lead generation. We’d be surprised if you’ve heard of another attorney internet marketing firm offering you guaranteed results with no upfront costs. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so don’t wait to contact us and learn how we can help you grow your practice and increase your revenue.

If you’re tired of investing in programs that are providing you low quality leads, please pick up the phone and call our friendly team at (866) 720-8333 today.