Content is king in the world of Internet marketing. Your website content is what captures the attention of potential clients, and creates the site visitor’s first impression of working with your firm. The content of your site is what tells your unique story. It’s what brings your website to life and makes a connection with your site visitors. The legal content writers at the Attorney Internet Marketing group specialize in writing compelling content for your law firm’s website that will spark the interest of potential clients and get them to take the next step in contacting you. The quality of your website content is a key determining factor in the number of leads that are converted to clients.

However, potential clients and interested individuals are not the only ones who will read your site content. Website content must also be geared toward search engine spiders and Web crawlers that automatically index websites for the purpose of search engine rankings. Our web content writers are well versed in search engine optimization, and understand how to write keyword-rich content that will help your site get the rankings that will help boost your business.

Writing compelling content that appeals to both potential clients and also to search engine spiders is a very delicate balance. Some website creators think that simply repeating keywords over and over is the solution. In reality, this strategy can actually hurt your search engine ratings, not to mention completely annoy and drive away the clients you are hoping to attract. The talented writers at the Attorney Internet Marketing group understand the nuances of good legal content writing, and are skilled in writing for both of these important audiences.

Before we begin writing content for your law firms’ website, we start with an extensive interview to really understand the strengths and specialties of your firm. We listen to you to determine what types of cases and clients you want to attract, and what type of information will be most helpful to your site visitors. We learn about your firm, so we can accurately tell your distinctive story in a dynamic and compelling way. Contact us today so we can begin the conversation that will take your website to the next level.