Joint Marketing Programs

Attorney Internet Marketing LLC offers joint marketing programs for attorneys in all legal fields. Our joint marketing programs consist of advertising campaigns that we develop to generate high quality, qualified leads. This strategy could range from print advertising, television advertising, radio advertising, grassroots marketing campaigns and of course, what we do best, which is Internet marketing.

Joint marketing programs are designed so you can purchase leads from us in a specific geographical location and area of law practice. You can elect to be the only attorney we sell leads to in your geographical location and area of law practice, or you can reduce the cost and be one of only three attorneys we sell leads to in your specific area of law in your geographical area. We will never sell leads to more than 3 attorneys at one time as we feel it reduces the chances for each attorney to get the best return on investment.

Benefits of joint marketing programs are:

  • Upfront results- Since every dollar you pay us will got to a joint marketing program that is already generating leads you will never have to spend a dollar with no results.
  • Measurable success- Since you will know exactly what leads come form us you can track you’re conversion percentage and decide how successful our program(s) are for you.
  • No commitment- Since we do not demand you sign lengthy contracts. You are free to discontinue business with us at anytime. Even our website leases are month to month and can be cancelled with 30 days notice.
  • Cost effective- Your return on investment will be significantly better with our programs due to our expertise in legal marketing. No more throwing thousands of dollars away running print, radio, TV ads and SEO and Pay Per Click campaigns that have no guarantees to them. Since every lead from us is qualified you will have the best chance at converting them into cases.
  • Target marketing- No matter what your area of law is we can assure you we will only be providing you with leads in that specific area of law. Many lead generation companies will sell you leads that are similar to you area of law but not exactly what you are looking for. Then you are charged for a lead that is not relevant to your field. With no ability to convert these types of leads you are left empty handed and very few companies will refund your money.
  • Budget friendly- Again, since we do not demand you sign any long-term contracts you can spend as much money or as little as you would like on leads. Whether your budget is $500 or $10,000 per month we can accommodate you and get your firm the best return on your investment in the industry.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed- If you are not happy with our leads or services at anytime we will refund you the remaining money for the leads you have purchased. We will not return money on leads that have been contacted but we will gladly refund you any money you have on retainer with us who have not been contacted.

Again, we are so confident you will be satisfied with the quality of our leads we will give you your first 10 leads for free. Call toll free 866-720-8333 to grow your practice and increase your firm’s revenue today!