FRequently Asked Questions

What areas of practice do you offer leads and URL leases in?
We offer lead generation and URL leases in all areas of practice in any state.

Will you SEO my own site?
No, we do not offer SEO or pay per click services to our customers however we do offer video production, legal content writing and web design.

How many leads do I have to buy?
We sell leads in blocks of 10 and your first 10 leads are always free. We do this to cut down on administrative costs of selling them one at a time. Transactions of less than 10 leads can be cumbersome for both sides.

If I am unhappy with your leads will you refund my money on remaining leads?
Yes we will. We are so confident you will be happy with the quality of our leads that we will refund you at anytime for your the balance on file with any pre-paid leads. No other competitor offers this.

Can I put my own bio, case studies and testimonials on my URL leased website?
Yes, we can put your bio, testimonials, case results and any other information you would like to share about your firm on a URL leased website. We can also ad any custom content you think would help drive people to call. This could include, photos, videos, membership logos etc.

How long do I have to sign a contract to lease a website?
Again, there are no long-term contracts. You can cancel at anytime by simply sending an email 30 days prior to your desired cancellation date.

How much do your leads cost in your joint marketing programs?
The area of law you practice determines the cost of each lead. Lead cost is also determined on how you want to participate. If you are looking to have exclusive rights to leads in your area it will be more than if you chose to be 1 of 3 attorneys who receive the leads in your area. Best way to find out is to call us at 866-720-8333.

How many attorneys do you sell each lead to?
At most 3, however if you would like to purchase exclusive rights to the leads in your area we can do that for you also. If you have a very responsive and aggressive staff you should be able to close plenty of leads with only two other attorneys in competition for each potential client’s business.

How do I pay for leads or a monthly URL lease?
We accept credit cards for lead purchases only but for URL leases we do take checks that must be received before the billing cycle begins each month.

How much do your website leases cost?
Website leases vary based on area of law. The best way to find out exactly what a lease costs is to call us toll free at 866-373-8222 and we can find out what your needs are and give you an exact quote. Every city has different traffic for different areas of law so it is impossible to give a general quote.

Are URL leases and joint marketing programs legal?
Joint marketing programs are very legal and recognized by the American Bar Association as an ethical and legal way for attorneys to generate leads. Website leases are legal due to the fact that we are leasing you intellectual property. All the methods we use to procure leads are legal under the American Bar Association’s ethics code and the Business and Professions Code in California. You can do your own research by looking up California Business & Professions Code 6155(h)(1) and looking up under the American Bar Association’s model rule 7.1 – 7.5.