Website Leases

A website lease is actually a URL lease. A URL is the address that appears on the World Wide Web, it is like your storefront. An example of a URL would be

I am sure at some point you have had to endure the undertaking of developing a website, how fun was that? Remember all the cost and time spent just to complete the project? And even after it was all finished you were probably unhappy with the job and felt you should have received a better product for the all money you spent? Or maybe you were on a tight budget and just couldn’t quite afford something that looked up to par that would convert well. And let’s say you loved your website, then you had to get it ranking at the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo so people searching for your services can even find you. It was a disaster wasn’t it? Even if you were lucky enough to find a legitimate and skilled SEO firm it still took months if not years to get your website producing, and most likely it never did, and if it did, your return on investment was terrible.

This is the point where people like you found people like us and handed over their lead generation to us and finally enjoyed an excellent return on your investment each month. Many attorneys spend thousands of dollars a month for years and never even reach the first page, let alone get any calls from people finding their website. And pay per click campaigns are so expensive that your return on investment just doesn’t make much sense most of the time. We have worked with clients who have spend up to $7,500 per month on just SEO for two years and hardly received any calls from their website. That’s $180,000 in two years with little to no revenue generated from costly SEO and pay per click campaigns. Imagine how much money you would have made from new clients in that time if you were to have given us that $180,000? Staggering, right? The good news is we can get you started today and on the track to getting more new clients and generated more revenue.

So can we not agree that the good news is with a URL lease you do not have to do any of this work or spend any of the money to develop another site? Our URL leases come with a website full of great content, attractive design and the best part is we have completed all the search engine optimization (SEO) for you already and the site will be ranking at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing for high traffic keywords relevant to your area of law practice. You sign the lease and decide if you want leads forwarded to you in real time or if you want us to do intake for you and Viola! You are on your way to making money, immediately. The best part is, there are no long-term commitments and the lease can be cancelled in writing by sending us a simple email 30 days before the day you would like to cancel.

Benefits of URL leases are:

  • Upfront results- Since every dollar you pay us goes to a website that is already generating leads you will never have to spend a dollar with no results.
  • Measurable success- Since you will know exactly what leads come form your URL lease you can track you’re conversion percentage and decide how successful the URL lease is working for you.
  • No commitment- Since we do not demand you sign lengthy contracts. You are free to discontinue business with us at anytime. Our website leases are month to month and can be cancelled with 30 days notice by simply sending us an email.
  • Cost effective- Your return on investment will be significantly higher with our URL leases due to our expertise in search engine marketing and pay per click advertising. No more throwing thousands of dollars away running print, radio, TV ads and SEO and pay per click campaigns that have no guarantees to them. Since every lead from your website lease is qualified you will have the best chance at converting them into cases.
  • Target marketing- No matter what your area of law is we can assure you we will only be providing you with leads in that specific area of law. We have researched all the keywords that bring you quality clients and don’t waste time working on low traffic, low conversion keywords.
  • Budget friendly- As discussed, you will be taking over a website that is producing leads from day 1. No more time and money spent on waiting to make it to the top of Yahoo, Bing and Google though costly SEO and pay per click campaigns.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed- If you are not totally satisfied with our leads or services for any reason we will gladly allow you to cancel your contract at anytime by email 30 days prior to your desired cancellation date.

Again, we are so confident in the quality of leads we generate we will give you your first two weeks for free. Call toll free 866-720-8333 to grow your practice and increase your firm’s revenue today!